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The Impact Of The Coronavirus On Nonprofits In The Coachella Valley

It's important to learn and track how the COVID-19 is affecting nonprofit organizations here in the Coachella Valley. Toward that end, the Desert Healthcare District and Foundation launched a 17-question survey and asked for responses from NPOs around the Valley. (Responses were due to the District on Friday, May 8, 2020.) In addition, the Center For Nonprofit Advancement and the RAP Foundation have been gathering data from nonprofit leaders and capacity builders in our area. The PowerPoint presentation below outlines some of the findings.

PowerPoint Slides:

A special thank you to the Desert Healthcare District and Foundation for launching and sharing the survey results! Their efforts led the way for better understanding of the funding needs and priorities related to the virus. The survey also sparked some good conversations in our community.

We will continue these conversations and gathering of data, and we will keep our readers and supporters updated.

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