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Center For Nonprofit Advancement


capacity building
The Center For Nonprofit Advancement (CNA) is a community resource center focused on strengthening and increasing the capacity of nonprofits in Riverside County.
Center For Nonprofit Advancement offers a membership program with many benefits. Membership connects nonprofits to a wide array of development trainings, networking opportunities and discounts on meeting spaces.

Membership dues allow us to offer relevant programs and services that strengthen skills and bolster  organizations. Dues are paid annually based on the organization’s annual operating budget.

RAP Foundation
The Center For Nonprofit Advancement is a program of the Regional Access Project.  

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Nonprofit Teamwork
By helping nonprofits leverage resources and knowledge, and by helping them to improve management and governance, CNA assists in strengthening nonprofit effectiveness, enabling them to do better work and enhance their impact. 
At CNA, we help nonprofits build stronger, more sustainable organizations by providing them with information, knowledge and professional skills in planning, human resources, fundraising and development, marketing and branding, technology and compliance.
By supporting organizations to strengthen their leadership and improve the ability of their staff and board members to perform at their best, CNA helps to ensure that nonprofits have what they need to deliver on their missions over the long haul.

We focus on facilitating sustainability and vitality in the nonprofits we serve. We are proud to be of service.
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